21 Ways to live your Dreams :)

Follow your heart. Be true to yourself and ask yourself often what it is you want to be doing, as oppose to what it is you should be doing.

Use your head, but use it wisely. Let there be a mix of logic and heart in all you do.

Visualize. Call upon the power of your imagination to see your dreams as real, viable and already as reality.

Take baby steps. The secret here is that you don’t take baby steps for the distance they’ll cover, but for the magic they’ll stir up.

Prepare the way for your inevitable success. Not just for the obvious reasons, but for the optimism, anticipation and expectation such preparation invoke, which sends an energy out into the world around you that literally summons the resources you need to complete your journey.

Don’t be afraid to go where you’ve never gone. Once you’ve committed and set your course, invariably, previously invisible “lions and tigers and bears” will suddenly emerge onto the scene. This is by design. This is how we grow and become more, lured by our dreams to face our challenges. Also by design is the fact that you and your dreams are bigger than your fears.

Splurge, celebrate and “buy the shoes”. Pretend, act as if, indulge to the degree you can. Not only is this fun for obvious reasons, but it helps to re-circuit your thinking into that of “having arrived”, instead of feeling like your life is perpetually on hold. This new thinking will install new beliefs and support new behavior that literally brings about miracles.

Get out more. Be apart of the world. Network. Dance life’s dance. Life’s already good.

Cast no blame or fault. Accepting responsibility for your life puts you on the fast track to claiming your power.

Appreciate everything you already have, you’ve done well for yourself and by seeing this now, you’ll not only begin to savor your accomplishments, but you’ll be reminded of your capabilities.

Give thanks for everything you will one day have, as if it’s already yours. It’s well established by mainstream science that the mind helps us create what we want in life by visualizing and imagining it already exist.

Love who already are. As you seek to understand your weakness, also seek and value your strengths. See what’s already good; let your confidence be bolstered, then not only will your so-called weakness be seen in perspective, but the love affair you have with yourself can begin and your sense of worthiness for all you desire will be seeded.

Don’t judge your progress with your physical senses alone. The mechanics that bring dreams to life exist far beyond what we can physically detect, so just because you can’t see the wonderful serendipities, coincidences and people who are all being lined up to further your desires, doesn’t mean they’re not there! Just because your dream hasn’t come true yet, doesn’t mean it won’t.

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” Lending a hand to others is both a good deed and a way to stay connected to the thoughts, attitudes and energies that bring success. It also gets you out, thinking, moving and grooving, making friends, having fun, while radically improving your own chances of meeting with wild success.

Learn to be happy before your dreams come true. There will always be things you want in your life that you do not have yet. The trick is learning to be happy “in the pursuit”, rather than indefinitely putting off happiness until you’ve reach a goal.

Honor your preferences. You are a one-of-a-kind and so are the things that thrill you. What makes one person happy may have little to do with what makes another happy. Tune into what you like and be unaffected with what others prefer for themselves or what others prefer for you.

Don’t worry about “HOW” your dreams will come true. It’s literally impossible to know where your next great “BREAK” will come or to predict the new “PARTNER” who will be your greatest helper and all, yet they will come and they do exist. If you believe success can only come through a specific path or person, you will unwittingly eliminate all other possibilities. By not insisting upon how your dreams come true, you preserve all options, including the one that will be for highest good.

Speak amongst your closest friends as if you’ve already “been there, done that”. Thoughts become things. By thinking and speaking thoughts that imply you’ve already been successful, you create the mold for that very success.

Don’t get stuck on un-important details. What matters most are your “big ticket items” like happiness, friendships, financial freedom, fulfillment and health, not the “bells, whistles and toys” that will inevitably accompany them. Yet getting distracted by the trimmings sometimes means losing sight of what’s really important. By broadening your focus you can more easily be mindful of what you’re really after, while giving life room to surprise you.

Be gentle on yourself. Friends coach, care and inspire. Enemies distract, destabilize and set back. Happily, you get to choose which you’ll be to yourself.

Live your dreams today to any degree that you can. Nothing shouts louder to the world (and to yourself) “HERE I COME; READY OR NOT!” than the conscious decision to begin joyfully living here and now. Don’t put off, for even one more day the dreams you can now live. Give yourself the 3 day weekend, leave work early for the movies or throw the dinner party you’ve wanted to be invited to and watch how the world responds in kind.


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Anyone can make a list with all the things they desire. Many choose to skip this step; others didn’t even think about it. However, it is also important how you make those wishes. First of all, to give them more chances to turn into reality. Secondly, you know the saying, “be careful what you wish for” 🙂

1.      Mention only what you do want to have, not what you do not want.

This means that if you want to have a new work place, express/write down where you exactly want to work, giving as many details as possible. Under no circumstances do not mention that you don’t want to work at your current job/work place or in that field anymore.

There is a difference  between:

“I do not want to work here anymore”


“Starting with March 2011 I want to be Sales Director at HP, with a minimal wage of 3000 Euro/month”

2.      Use only affirmative sentences.

Our subconscious mind does not perceive negations. Therefore, if you express/write, “I do not want to work here anymore”, it’s exactly as if you would say “I still want to work here”.

Of course, there are high chances to actually change something, as well – on one hand you avoid wishing for something else than you already have. On the other hand you give more power to the wish for things to remain the same as they are at that moment, even though you actually dislike that situation. That’s why, simply express/write the opposite of the word you want to avoid. For instance, I did not say “do not use negations”. Instead I said “use only affirmative sentences”. In case you don’t find a word, which expresses exactly what you wish for, you may, for example, write “I avoid smoking”. Ideally you shouldn’t even mention the word “smoking”, if you want to quit. Rather think what quitting smoking/giving up that habit means to you – it may mean health/a healthier life-style, more physical resistance/stamina etc. I chose an example which does not represent me, so I can’t think of any other advantages right now. You are in the best position to find the aspects, which keep you motivated to reach your goals.

3. Be open to everything your heart desires.

You may write down anything you wish for on the list. ANYTHING. Big things, small things; no matter how big or small they are.

Anything that crosses your mind, be it material things or of any other nature. If you wish to be an astronaut, to meet any particular celebrity, to have a certain state of mind, to have your own special ship, etc., just write it down on the list.

Create a list just for yourself; don’t think that someone else will read it. When you’re done with the list, you may keep it private or share it with friends. Or (why not) share only those wishes you want to with the whole world 🙂

That’s pretty much all.

I will tell you some more in another post. I think that my text is too long and hard to follow. Maybe I’m limiting myself. Or maybe it’s better this way. I will still say it all, even if it’s going to be split in smaller parts. I’ll wait for your opinions, as well, so tell me how you want this blog to be, how should it help you.

I will publish my Christmas Wish List soon. I would like to invite all of you to do the same, it is a good thing. It might be the nicest gift you could offer yourselves for Christmas (in the sense that it’s very valuable, you will receive no body-spray, that’s what I meant to say). Talk to you soon!

P.S.: I’m writing this P.S. 1 year after I originally  wrote the post you just read.

These rules were an important step for my development. Now, I have other “rules”, but I posted this information as well because it helped me very much and possibly it will help you too.

You have to be an expert in planning to be able to transcend it. You have to believe that you can make your wishes a reality in order to be able to make wishes and don’t have to plan a lot for them to manifest. If you liked a lot what you have read in the post and felt that this is a good thing for you to do, then do it and soon you will be able to discover and receive new tools to accomplish your wishes:)

You can also read 21 WAYS TO LIVE YOUR DREAMS here:) .A friend sent it to me and I want to share it with you as this information is more in tune with what I feel now:) Enjoy.

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40 Days until a new me :)

I’m nervous:) It’s like someone expects of me to say God knows what…Like I have to prepare for this post or something:)I feel like laughing about this entire situation:):)))))

I said I will not propose anything.That includes the tasks I gave myself.And I was thinking…what if I wouldn’t write on the blog? To skip just a day? At least today, when I feel stressed. Why do I feel like that?It’s stupid.

I think it’s because I ask to much of myself.Because I don’t love me;unconditional. Because I don’t accept myself as I am.Tonight something came to my mind.But instead of writing it here,I’ll better send a message to that person:).

Done!Wow. That feels soooo good:):)))))).If we would say everything we have to say to any person we ever met in this live, it would be great.Extraordinary,this is how it feels:).

I can’t wait to get rid of all the emotional baggage I carry after me.Not to owe anybody anything and nobody to owe me. That moment definitely is coming.I’m waiting for it and run to it in the same time:)Bring it on!;)

Thank you for my full transformation:)

P.S.: Daily tasks evaluation( but I’m not doing anything in particular to accomplish them;of they come natural,fine;if not,fine:)) Things still look the same or even better, and that without me stressing about it:)

  1. Thanks for food – 60%
  2. Read 30 min(personal development) – 100%
  3. Willingness to make effort – 90%
  4. Read Jules Verne – 10%
  5. Write on my blog – 100%
  6. Learn how to cook – 100%
  7. Walk in nature – 0%

TOTAL: 65%

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41 Days until a new me:)

I kept talking about imbalances, about something that wasn’t right but couldn’t figure out what was wrong…well, I’m thinking there was a time when everything was fine. I called my mother and asked her how I was as a child,no more than 4 years old. For the record, I don’t remember anything of what I’m about to write next.These are my mother’s memories.

When I was little I was very beautiful and intelligent( like any mother would say about her child:)). Right after that she said I was too self-conceited. Ooooooohhh…I promptly react. What do you mean? And so she explained: When other people asked me what my name was ( in my  grandmother’s village almost all old people asked little children annoying questions like :”what’s your name, who’s you father,mother,grandfather and so on”; no, the children weren’t lost, the old people were just annoying)… so,when I was asked I responded “My name is Irina and I’m somebody’s child”.

Many people thought about me that I’m like a “princess”(but not in a good way:)):

“And how are you Irina?

Fine.Excuse me,I’m busy.

What are you busy with?

I’m thinking.”

I was walking on the street with my mother and a friend of her’s. I was walking two steps in front of them. The lady asked me:

“And how are you Irina?

Fine.I’m busy.”

I asked my mother what exactly did she mean when saying “too self-conceited”.She said I was all over myself, but actually just centered, determined and knew what I wanted.I was very selective and didn’t speak with someone if I didn’t like how he addressed to me.

I had very blue eyes and  huge pupils.Everybody noticed my pupils. It’s strange I had blue eyes at such an advanced age (“like the blue of the cloudless sky”, as my mother said). Usually the color in children’s eyes changes when they are still small babies.

When I was about 3 years old a team of photographers came from Poland to take our pictures for some magazine.My mother said they chose me to be on the cover.That is why I can see the picture sent by the polish people and my eyes were clearly blue. My mother’s colleague liked the picture some much that she used it as a model for a painting. I still have it today(last year I discovered my mother had written something for me on the back of the painting:)). I would have loved to know more details, but not even my mother knew much (in was the communist regime and we weren’t allowed to communicate with foreigners).

Now my eyes are green, but because my pupils are huge they look either black or brown most of the time.I remember when I was an adolescent my eyes turned blue when I was wearing a blue blouse.I didn’t use eye shadow because I didn’t know what color to choose; my eyes turned either green,brown,black or blue:):))))).

My mother said I had a very long hair and was very proud of it.Because all little girls had back then short hair, all the children wanted to touch mine.I didn’t let them; a little boy cried and I still didn’t let him.

I started kindergarten at 2 and a half years old.At 3 I knew 85 poems and 7 fairy-tales.I recited them very well and had a good pronunciation for most words.My mother was in charged of that.She said I learn very fast.

The teachers were also impressed and started to teach them to other children.My mother told me the teachers still teach children those poems.

I used to draw a lot of little babies enfolded in a lot of material, from the neck to the tip of the toes ( this is how babies were “wrapped” in those communist times. not take a cold, presumably, or in order to grow “straight”).

I was full of joy and laughed a lot.At 3 I started to tell jokes.My mother doesn’t remember those, unfortunately, but she did recall very well a joke I said when there were a lot of guests at our house.I was bigger then and I remember to:)) Me and my sister asked:

“Why does the cow never laughs?”We waited for the guests to answer, nobody knew…

“How to laugh if she is milked every day and f***ed once a year”.Nobody was laughing and we didn’t understand why.I don’t know how much I understood from that joke, but for us it was funny as hell:):))):))):))).

I was surprised when I heard about the jokes.From where did I learn them?There no internet or something.Now a barely recall one or two.

When I was playing I liked to be the teacher and I would put other children tell poems.I encouraged all children and clapped my hands for them.Surprisingly,they liked that game:)))

Mother told me I other kids respected me.I knew a lot of things and others saw me superior;the adults were saying my vocabulary is “too big” for my age.

I had a very keen sense of smell and taste.I still do;I can tell if the tea has sugar or not only by smell.

I also remember I insisted to have my hair cut after one nurse told me she couldn’t search me for lice (because I had braids).And I chose to eat with my right hand after I heard whispers among kindergarten cooks (commenting about me being left-handed).

At some point a child can choose to protect himself if he considers he is not understood,if he  feels in danger in some way.And he “builds a protective wall”, decides not to feel so much.Not to show everybody how he feels. And the consequences show in time.Especially if he forgot the choice he made when he was little.I still don’t know where I hid my blue eyes:)

Thank you for my complete transformation:)

P.S.: Daily tasks evaluation( but I’m not doing anything in particular to accomplish them;of they come natural,fine;if not,fine:)) Things still look the same or even better, and that without me stressing about it:)

  1. Thanks for food – 30%
  2. Read 30 min(personal development) – 100%
  3. Willingness to make effort – 80%
  4. Read Jules Verne – 0%
  5. Write on my blog – 100%
  6. Learn how to cook – 20%
  7. Walk in nature – 0%

TOTAL: 47%

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42 Days until a new me:)

Today I meditated for the first time.Actually, I tried but I don’t know how much I succeeded.

I heard people doing it, but I didn’t understand much of this meditation thing.Lately I’ve heard more and more of this, I’m convinced it’s a good thing so I said..let’s see what’s going to happen.

I didn’t even know how to start.I searched on the net,I was reading and then practicing. Reading some more and then continued:))).You realize how efficient that was:).It’s a start none the less.For a long time I was afraid of this,of what might happen,but mostly I just thought I couldn’t do it.I figured you need something special, some qualities were required. I just weren’t ready yet.

Now, even if I was doing it while reading,even if I wasn’t in a peaceful space or any of that stuff required,I started.And I felt something.It was good.I am glad that I feel.It’s extraordinary and I am grateful for this.

Leaving that apart I am still recuperating after my Sunday “incident”. Now it’s better, I can bear a sheet covering me :))):))))) Once again, thank you for this experience.I really needed the peace and quiet. I didn’t want to be pushed to go anywhere,do anything,meet anyone and so on.

I remained calm, without being consumed by what is,what will be,was…and indeed, things started coming to me. I received many calls from different persons with proposals, information,demands.Some needed taking some decisions,but as I couldn’t take them now, I could firmly decide not to take any decisions now. I could have done this anyhow, but I would have stress incredibly.That’s because I would have had the chance, but I turned it down, I would have say “no” to some people and I don’t know if I could do that. Instead, this much easier:” I understand what you are saying,I agree with you, but I simply can’t do anything about it now.Look, this is the situation but it’s ok- I really needed some time for me, to think and analyze my options.Thank you and we will talk next week:))):)))

I had to have first degree burns to be able to do that. But I did it, that’s important:) And I am easily taking time for me.

Thank you for my complete transformation:)

P.S.: Daily tasks evaluation( but I’m not doing anything in particular to accomplish them;of they come natural,fine;if not,fine:)) Things still look the same or even better, and that without me stressing about it:)

  1. Thanks for food – 40%
  2. Read 30 min(personal development) – 100%
  3. Willingness to make effort – 70%
  4. Read Jules Verne – 0%
  5. Write on my blog – 100%
  6. Learn how to cook – 20%
  7. Walk in nature – 0%

TOTAL: 47%

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The Most Important Brick in the World

Today I am telling you something I cannot tell you. I will show you something I cannot show. I will talk to you about things you will never know.  This is a special post. It is a revelation. It is a revelation that I had today..And that I cannot explain you by facts, by examples. Follow only what I tell you…and feel that, too…feel what you want, what you can…

I have read today a quote from a promoted book on the subway:

“Only when you are at peace with yourself, you can conquer the world”

At this moment, I feel I am in a good relationship to myself, I do not recall being happier with myself…This post is about the past, and the future…and the present.

Lately, I have taken part to some extraordinary experiences, of great importance to me and very powerful. All the information related to this post is confidential as the ambiguous nature of the post. But this ambiguity is the result of the experience I want you to live, it makes part of the essence of the message I want you to understand…

I will write some statements that you already know. I already knew them. But, I am fully aware of them now…I feel them with all my heart…and once again they have been confirmed. The result is that I am more at peace with me than ever before.

I realized that the past is an illusion…It is a creation of my mind. Perhaps, you already knew that…perhaps, you ask yourself what would have been if…as the past is a concrete thing which already happened, that already took place. The best way to realize that the past is an illusion is talking to a person you broke up because of some misunderstandings. I talked to some persons from my past, persons that had an impact upon me, upon my experiences and my decisions.

What I found out was quite shocking and in the end quite revealing. The past is what you want it to be. But not in the same way as the future when you still hope or wish something to happen. The past is one of your fantasies that you believe to be real and which dictates your dreams, your wishes and your experiences. This is what I saw in me, when I was the one who fantasized about the past and soon, I saw in other person. Again, in a confidential manner, enjoy the ambiguity; it makes part of the message and of the experience.

Firstly, I could notice myself, the one that lives the fantasy and the reaction of the receiver and secondly, I was the receiver and I could notice the other person’s reaction. 

Everything was on major themes, with strong emotional charge, the force to change one or more people’s lives. Too important to skip it. Not to stop and wonder. I had the opportunity to watch things from a double perspective; shortly one after another I dare say it is pretty rare or unique in this life.

I once again stop, I wonder and I thank God or whoever is out there and I thank for the experience and for the revelation. When you start discussing with that person with which you didn’t break up in the best conditions and you start telling things, remember things, you discover that most things you also remember and other things you recall by the help of that person. But you can be remembered stuff that you don’t quite recall. But what is important is that these things are told from other person’s perspective, with his/her emotions, feelings, thoughts and conceptions. Which in my situation, there were different from what I was thinking and I was remembering. It is as if we have lived in different universes. There were the same experiences but there were two persons. So, there were two realities, two universes. Not one, as I or you have thought. Ok, I knew it before and you perhaps knew it, too. But when you live such an experience, especially to such higher ranks, you feel it deep inside you.

I have lived my entire life based on that experience, too. I made my decisions based upon that experience. And that person lived her life based upon her experience; she made her choices based upon that experience. It is that there are two different universes. Experience tough the same, is different. From earth to sky. The major experience that leaves its footprint on the existence, over what you decide, you feel, over the persons you meet, over the entire road in your life. It is like a brick on the wall of life.

And you are convinced that the brick is there. It is there, as it is your experience, through which you have gone through and you surely know how it was. You saw it with your own eyes, you could touch it, you could feel it.

Of course, you are in a great shock when you find out that the brick is not real. It is not there. It is the result of your imagination. It is there because you thought, you saw, you felt from that perspective. The brick is there because you create it. With your mind, and not with your experience. You only believed it is real, that is you see it as something real that happened. But, it took place in your mind, in your reality.

And you believe that you lived that reality together with that person. It is shocking to find out the truth, when you see what that brick can build. You are amazed just like that. That brick can be either happiness or unhappiness. My brick was pain. And the other person’s brick was pain, too. The third person didn’t have any idea that such a brick existed. Either sufferance or happiness such a strong brick can build or destroy huge things…Again; it depends on how you handle the situation. For me, it destroyed everything, for the second person, it created and the third person has totally forgotten about the brick:):).

When those two perspectives met, the brick crashed.Because it never really existed.It was only in the mind.Everything exists in the mind.The consequences…are,were.Major implications.A storm, a reshuffle of all the other bricks.Hard business.You almost can’t believe this is happening.It can’t be real.Though it is “more real” than before.

I had in front of my eyes the vision of a wonderful future, an amazing life and that was strongly shuttered and then made to pieces once the brick crashed.I was in Heaven, then I ended up in the World between Worlds only to fall back into Hell.

After I beat myself up I struggle to stand up and I rebuild the brick. I change it and I put it there, at the new foundation. I hope it will be ok.The foundation is still waggling.

Then appears that person with whom I share one brick.That one crashes to.Big Time. This was also an important brick that supported the foundation of my life and other person’s too.

One time I’m on the top of the world, with all my options wide open.I’m wonderful, I can do and have anything. Then everything breaks into pieces, I feel almost powerless,I lose my confidence, the world isn’t how I thought it was, it’s like I can’t do what I had hopped to do. that person, the energy that I had thanks to her support, vanish.I’m in Hell.Very slowly I get up. Because where is suffering is also power.

Then another person comes back into my life and with an enormous force lifts me up, higher than the top of the world. I am more than wonderful, I feel that from this moment on I can do even the things I thought were impossible before. My brick is crashed and is replaced with the other person’s brick.My reality wasn’t true because I have just found out the opposite with what I used to believe.

But I didn’t stop here. I dug deeper and I did the unthinkable: I shattered the other person’s brick, the one that stood at the foundation of her life and now at mine, too. I searched for the Truth, for a reality more “real”. I questioned the very essence of the brick.And I did it in such a convincing way, it crashed.:)

It crashed because it is a creation of the mind.It doesn’t exist. The moment the mind starts to see alternatives, the brick starts to transform. Or it vanishes all together. Because it is just not real.If it would have been,there was  nothing you could do to change it. Even if you can see it, touch it or smell it, in reality it doesn’t exist(only in your reality it does).

That brick crashed because I gave the other person an alternative, a different perspective of how things actually were. It is very possible that was just a potential, not how things really were. But in the moment that person believes it, it becomes a reality.Her reality.And therefore it becomes the other person’s brick.And mine crashes and I create another one.

This time I didn’t end up in Hell, but it was close.It also was for a short period of time.

I saw myself looking for validation in the eyes of another once more. Each person thinks whatever she wants, labels you however she wants, even if it doesn’t characterize you. In reality, you are wonderful too,absolutely amazing, you are more than the other person thinks about you. You want to be again on top of the world.You want that person to lift you back on the top of the world, to give you the strength once more.

And then I figured it out.I don’t need another person’s validation.I don’t need their strength. I don’t have to prove to anyone that I am extraordinary, I don’t to be put on a pedestal. I can’t be strong, accomplish things if I try to prove that I am strong. That’s already a prove of weakness.

I create my own bricks.And I know they can be changed.Also by me:).

And if the past is so volatile, even the past that had already happened and is material, can you imagine how the future is?:):).

Now, for me is not a past and a future anymore.They all merge together. Everything I did and will do means what I want it to mean.It’s what I think and feel now about what it is, was and will be.

The thing I thought in the past still exists in my thought and will be materialized in the future. But actually started to materialize even since I started to think about it. Only that it will manifest in the future. All the things from the future exist in the past and in the present. So they are without actually being:))

There is no room for ” It can’t be done” because it was already done.It’s not room for “I don’t have” because I already have:).It is not “impossible” because it is already possible:).

I think this is the present. But not as I perceived it before: like a straight line with past at one end, future at the other and present somewhere at the middle. I see it like NOW , when the past and the future don’t exist.When all merge together.When all I have is past,present and future in the same time. When there is without having to be. It is only because I want it to be.How I want it to be.It just is:).

I don’t need someone else to think about me that I am wonderful to be wonderful.I don’t have to fall to the ground and feel bad about myself when the same person that made me feel amazing changed her mind; like”sorry,my mistake”:):)))). I don’t need the approval and validation of others. I don’t need other’s pessimistic attitude and their limitations. I don’t need other person’s bricks.

I don’t need any bricks. Because they don’t exist.I am how I want to be.

I’m not how you say I am , I am how I say I am.

How fragile is the past.How easy the future can be created 🙂

I am Wonderful, Extraordinary, I am higher than on top of the world.

I am Smart, a Genius, The Most Beautiful Girl on the Planet. I am a princess,a fairy, a God.

I am a Ninja and a Samurai in the same time.And still I have only two legs, two arms and a pair o wings ( but you can’t see those):):))).

“Only when you are at peace with yourself, you can conquer the world”

I’ve already changed it:)

Thanks to everybody who helped me get here.

Thank you for reading.

I just told you something without telling you what was all about.:)It’s what you want to be. And all you want to be is.

Hugs and kisses with love,

My Wish Fairy:)

P.S.:( 1 year after I originally post this) Thanks to me 🙂 Thank to me I am where I am now, thank to me I met all the people from my past and present and had all the experiences. Thank to me I have the future I want. 🙂

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43 Days until a new me :)

I am making a voluntary effort to be in the “NOW”, to live the moment.It’s not that easy.Many times I thought that if I’m thinking about the present moment, that’s it! I’m in the present.But in reality I was in this state for like a second or so.Either I was afraid to stay more, or I just couldn’t. But you can clearly feel when you are there. Maybe you know too well how it is. I felt it too seldom,unfortunately. But that will change:)

What do you feel then?I mean,know? An energy,a light,open,pleasure,smile,silence, strength,confidence, but especially power.I feel it’s something new for me,I feel my head pulsating :):))).

I remember clearly I felt that one time.Very intense, for minutes.It was wonderful. Only then I felt it in the hear,it was more powerful.I felt strong, confident and much more.It was then when I wrote the post: The most important brick in the world.(read here)

Now I know more then I knew then(little, but still more:)) about the present and time. When I read that post I was surprised. It is so much knowledge in us and we don’t know.We don’t realise;because we are not where we should be.I didn’t knew then exactly what “NOW” was, but I felt it precisely. That post was a reaction to one experience of mine. I’m grateful because thanks to that I am here now:).

I said I will not propose anything. And I tried to do so. I thought about my tasks, off course, but I let them be. I observe that I still do the things I like most: reading information about personal development and writing on my blog. These posts are for my personal development also. I’m thinking there are other persons that are experiencing similar things or will live them in the future. Maybe this material will be useful to them.

Today I was reading and I started to cry a little.But it was good.Like a release.Of pain.That is in every one of us, or in many of us.I felt love, and that freed the pain.I feel like hugging all of you, just like that:).

A part of me fears that maybe I’m going a little crazy:):))):))).But these fears must fall at some point. And who still stands to listen, fine;who doesn’t, also fine:)

Thank you for my complete transformation:)

P.S.: I proudly close with Daily tasks evaluation( but I’m not doing anything in particular to accomplish them;of they come natural,fine;if not,fine:))

  1. Thanks for food – 40%
  2. Read 30 min(personal development) – 100%
  3. Willingness to make effort – 50%
  4. Read Jules Verne – 0%
  5. Write on my blog – 100%
  6. Learn how to cook – 0%
  7. Walk in nature – 0%

TOTAL: 41%

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